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I highly recommend Comprehensive Physical Therapy. John is an excellent therapist and I had a great result. I was impressed by all aspects of the treatment plan. My observation results from the fact that I started at a different physical therapy practice and came to comprehensive physical therapy seeking a better therapist and treatment program. I was not disappointed after I made the switch.

Gordon N.

If you are in need of physical therapy, this place is great! I went for treatment of some shoulder pain (partially torn rotator cuff). The therapist was very thorough in her approach, took her time understanding my condition, and most importantly reduced my pain tremendously. She also taught me tons of exercises I can do at home to loosen and strengthen my shoulder. The atmosphere is very friendly - love the music they play there - and the staff was very helpful with insurance matters and accommodating my schedule for appointments. If I could give it more than five stars I would!

David H.

I’ve been a patient at Comprehensive Physical Therapy for numerous ailments over a 20 year period. They do a tremendous job with treatment in a comfortable atmosphere. The course of treatment is tailored to the individual. The entire staff is professional and working with them is a pleasure. I would never go anywhere else.

Michael M.

I highly suggest using Comprehensive Physical Therapy. Dave and/ Or John really know what they are doing and care. I have had a bad back and neck from a taxi accident and now I walk
2 or 3 hours a day with no problem. The place is cozy and not overwhelming. Go!

Judy A.

If you are looking for a great physical therapy place, look no further. This place accepts most insurances. Everyone is super nice and professional.

Pilar A.

I've been a vestibular therapy patient of John Ferrari for several weeks and am impressed with the level of care I've received so far. My symptoms have improved significantly from my first appointment. If the need should ever arise (which I really hope it doesn't), I would return to John for future care.

The office is very conveniently located, is spacious and the staff is very friendly. Never had an issue scheduling and when I was a bit late, John and the rest of the staff were very understanding.

Lara H.

Great guys!

Cathryn S.

Yelp! Reviews

I tore my ACL in March 2017 and had a hamstring graft at HSS a month later. Worked with Dave for the last 6 months to rehab my knee. As a very active person, Dave was great in ensuring an aggressive program for me but also making sure I didn't push myself beyond my limits.

Could not be happier - excellent service, great people, flexible with scheduling and super responsive (all around including reception and accounting). Unlike some of the larger physical therapists in New York, they have such incredible attention to detail and really develop a great personal relationship with you.

Phillip K.

John and Dave are the best. Was referred by my wife who they helped with a painful hamstring tear and have now been here twice myself for two different injuries, a hamstring and an ankle. The whole staff are welcoming, genuine, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Marc A.

I was a patient at Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates for 6 months while recovering from an ACL injury and surgery. While PT can be daunting and overwhelming for any injury, CPTA did everything to make me feel encouraged and positive every single time I visited. Not only are John and Dave nice, fun and interesting guys, they are also great at providing personal attention and showing progress throughout the entire process.

There are a ton of PT places in NYC, but I don't think you will find much better than CPTA. I feel so lucky that I chose them to help me with my recovery. Thank you!

Alex J.

I have been coming here for about a month for my hip injury. The best PT I have been in the city. Highly recommend!

Jade W.

I was referred to CPTA by a friend from work after I tore my ACL and had reconstructive surgery almost 3 months ago. I've never had a surgery before and the thought of recovery was quite scary. I am so grateful for CPTA. John and Dave have made recovery such a positive and fun task that I truly look forward to therapy each and every time. From tracking my progress to stretching and exercises, I feel great and continue to feel better each day. They are both beyond knowledgeable and care about their patients. There are a ton of places in the city, no other place would give the one on one attention that I've received here. Thank you, CPTA for making this process enjoyable and for helping me through such a difficult time!

Alexandra L.

I was referred to John Ferrari after a minor accident and saw him for a couple of months. He has a great disposition and most importantly got me back to health!

Saraporn V.