Benefits of Exercise

by comprehensivept, September 30, 2015

Exercise plays an important role in women of all ages. Sometimes exercise is only associated with weight loss and looking good, but there are many short term and long term mental and physical benefits to daily exercise.

Lucky for us changes in the body happen within seconds of starting a workout; your heart rate begins to increase, blood gets pumped from your heart and is delivered to your muscles and POOF! there comes that burst of energy.

Within an hour of exercise your lungs are starting to take in more oxygen (getting stronger), and your starting to blast calories. Other short term benefits of exercise are: relaxation of the body, a more focused mind, and thanks to the endorphins that are released, a happier disposition.

Long term benefits of regular physical activity include: reduced risk of dementia, decreased risk of osteoporosis, strong muscles, digestion improvement, reduced risk of depression and anxiety, decreased stress, enhanced mental performance and work productivity, reduced cancer risks, improvement of skin, and decreased risk of diabetes… just to name a few!

As little as 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week will do the trick. Although, it is important to mix up your work outs; incorporate strength training and stretching with your cardio routine. Before you know it you’ll be feeling happier, looking younger, having more energy, and staving off disease!

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