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"For over two years I have had a lower left leg injury, which became painful after a run and the knee occasionally locking up. Having had physio therapy without success prior to coming to New York City I almost resigned to the fact I may not be able to run again without pain and the injury flaring up. During my first visit to Comprehensive Physical Therapy Associates I mentioned to David Ziska that I have two goals. Firstly I would like to be able to run again, free from pain, and secondly to run and complete the New York City marathon. After several months of twice weekly physio sessions I no longer feel the knee locking up or any pain after a run. This is in no small part due to David’s professional approach, encouragement, counsel and perseverance and sense of humour. David has a relaxed but firm approach. I really appreciated his enthusiasm, honesty and positive attitude. These are qualities also demonstrated by the other therapists. The front desk staff members are always pleasant, friendly, competent, and helpful and always made me feel welcomed. Through strengthening exercises to my hip abductor, quad and core and flexibility and stretching exercises, I am pleased to say that I can now run freely (and enjoying the experience again) without pain. Now I have achieved my first goal and the second goal could be a reality if I get accepted for the 2016 New York City marathon. Thank you for your friendship"
Dec 03, 2015


Patient Recommendations

"My therapist was David Ziska. He was very personable and attentive to my specific needs. He progressed my therapy at a rate where I was able to recover quickly, but did not experience any undue stress or pain. At every visit he knew where we had left off and what areas I needed to focus on. My steady improvement benefited me not only physically, but lifted my spirits after the injury and surgery."

- Andrew

"After my knee replacement surgery I needed extensive physical therapy. My therapist made it an extremely positive experience. She pushed me just enough to do more each time, never pushing be past what I could possibly do. She was extremely patient and attentive. I was very impressed with both her and how this business was run. I have been to physical therapy before, after the first time they left me on my own and it was just the machines. Here there was massage and the therapist stayed with me most of the time giving encouragement and correcting when I was doing something wrong."

"I have been a patient at CPTA for over a decade for a variety of running-related injuries and can recommend them highly. The care, treatment and training advice I have received at CPTA has directly contributed to my continued success in running marathons."

MD Recommendations

"I have worked with Chris on any number of occasions - with some particularly demanding patients. She has provided superb quality service and therapy. Recommend her highly without reservation."

"I find CPTA to be highly professional and extremely ethical. It has been a pleasure being associated with them. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

"I refer a great deal of my patients to John Ferrari and Comprehensive Physical Therapy for pre- and post-operative after orthopaedic injuries. This is an outstanding facility that gives personalized care to each and everyone of their clients. I highly recommend them and will continue to support them in the future."